YUMI Brow Lamination



A simple process with dramatic results often done at the same time as a YUMI Lash Lift. Process time: approximately 45 min.

  • Brows are brushed upward to create the perfected soap brow look.

  • 3 nourishing YUMI Lash Lift solutions are applied to the entire brow including pure keratin to avoid damage, the YUMI formula helps enhance brows and promotes hair growth. 

  • Finally, I will tweeze and or trim where needed. For an extra boost a plant based tint can be used, but this step isn't necessary.

After Treatment

Keep brows completely dry, away from humidity and avoid touching them for 24 hours to ensure they keep their shape and color. After 24 hours wash to remove any left over residues from the process. Cleanse regularly and brush often, especially after shower. Use YUMI aftercare mascara or nourishing oil to keep brow hair hydrated.


Your straight, perfectly shaped brows will need minimal maintenance. You can fill in with brow gel or pencil if needed. The lamination lasts approximately 6 to 8 weeks and promotes new growth.