YUMI Lash Lift


Pre Treatment

For optimum results remove extensions and discontinue use of waterproof mascara and oil serums days prior to treatment. Process time: approx 1 hr.


Your eyelashes and eye area will be gently cleansed to make sure they are free of oils and makeup residue. Then the process begins:

  • To protect lower lashes and eye area, an eye mask with brightening and moisturizing properties is applied.

  • A silicone shield is fitted onto the upper lids and lashes are then sculpted to the shield. Shield size is determined during consultation and results in lift that is tailored to your natural lashes.

  • 3 separate nourishing YUMI Lash Lift solutions are applied to the roots and throughout the entire lash line. Unlike traditional lash perms which can damage or even break lashes, the YUMI formula helps enhance and restore lashes.

  • Once the solution has processed it is removed, the fix solution is applied and removed.

  • The final step is to apply a tint to darken lashes to create an even more dramatic eye-opening affect by thickening and lengthening.

After Treatment

Keep lashes completely dry, away from humidity and avoid touching them for 24 hours to ensure they keep their shape and color. Use YUMI aftercare mascara or other nourishing oil to prolong results and help keep lashes hydrated.


Your curled, more noticeable lashes are ready for your normal routine. Lashes don't uncurl so you may not need that eyelash curler. Mascara and eyeliner containing oil are ok to use. The lift lasts approximately 8 to 12 weeks and depends on your lash cycle.