BB Glow



Avoid Retinal / Rentin A a month prior.
Avoid Botox, fillers, or IPL two weeks prior.
Stop use of skin care products that use acids such as alpha hydroxy a week prior.
Cannot be done on sunburned or compromised skin.


BB Glow is an innovative Korean treatment that combines traditional mesotherapy (nano-needling) and plant based pigments to help achieve flawless semi-permanent foundation. Suggest 2 treatments 2 weeks apart.

  • Skin is prepped by doing a thorough facial and mini peel.

  • Using a tailored blend of potent serums, plant extracts and peptides the needling pen is run across the entire face and delicate eye area.

  • A second pass using pigment is done. Sensation is similar to microdermabrasion. 

  • A cooling sheet mask is applied to relieve redness and prevent dryness.

  • 20 min of LED therapy to improve product absorption and help soothe any irritation. 

  • Gentle cleanse after 24 hours. Avoid sun exposure for 3 days. Wear broad spectrum SPF-50 minimum for the following 6 wks.  


Results are immediate

  • Reduction in appearance of fine lines and pore size.

  • Provides instant hydration resulting in instant plumping.

  • Reduction of pigmentation/discoloration.

  • Gradual skin lightening.

  • Glowing, radiant, seemingly porcelain skin.

  • All the benefits of traditional nano-needing.

  • Multiple sessions may be required depending on desired coverage.