SCULPLLA serum, derived from poly-l-lactic acid helps plump wrinkles and promote collagen production is the star ingredient in this advanced facial.

  • Skin is thoroughly cleansed and extracted.

  • A lactic acid peel is applied next.

  • SCULPLLA serum and encapsulated hydrogen sheet mask is applied.

  • After 10 to 15 minutes, mask is removed and a stem cell mist is applied.

After Treatment

  • Avoid water or sweat for 24 hours after treatment.

  • Avoid exfoliation, hair removal,  or scrubbing treated area (even with a cloth or wipe!) for three days to allow serum to continue penetrating follicles.

  • Multiple treatments may be required depending on desired results.


Multiple treatments, one week apart, are recommended to achieve filler like results such.

  • Reduction of fine lines

  • Mild to moderate tightening and lifting

  • Brighter, more even complexion

  • Lasting results - 5 week for one treatment to 5 months for multiple treatments